Me2Mobile is mobile live broadcasting solution. The goal is to allow people with a smart phone to have a professional WebTV on the Go. Me2Mobile enables people to do life-casting easily. The solution comes with full admin and control panel that can be controlled from web or through a mobile application.

Me2Mobile solution offers the following:

  1. Live online video broadcast.
  2. The broadcast can be done directly from iOS or Android smartphones. Broadcaster can switch between available cameras.
  3. Create a playlist of programs to be broadcasted in case there's no live broadcasting.
  4. The website has several sections including:
    1. News section divided into categories such as economics, technology, Culture, Art, Local, Sport and many more.
    2. EPG listing for programs that includes the listing of programs and duration of each program.
    3. Slider showing the important news (specified by the admin)
  5. Link the channel with a tv channel on YouTube.
  6. All broadcasted videos will be stored and uploaded to the channel automatically.
  7. Live chat with the broadcast that is integrated into facebook.
  8. Share the live broadcasts and videos on different social networks such as Facebook, linkedin, stumbleupon, twitter, google+... etc.
  9. A Mobile application on iOS and Android platforms that is published on appstores and goes hand in hand with the launch of the new channel. The new mobile application will allow users to watch the channel through their mobile phones and allow them to read news and other sections online.
  10. Admin control panel that includes:
    1. Site Admin who can create new users and assign roles to them. The site admin has the ability also to change anything in the channel.
    2. Different predefined roles which include:
      1. Reporter: Add news to the site. Each news item has a title, an image and content.
      2. Chief Editor: Checks news, can edit/remove any of them.
      3. Broadcast Supervisor
      4. Site controller: controls comments and chats within the site.