Professional, customizable, unbranded

Include your own logo, change skin/theme.

HD Streaming

Broadcast at the best streaming quality, up to 1.7Mbps (HD) in H264.

Live Vod and 24/7 linear TV

Stream live, upload large multimedia files, and make them immediately available in live or on-demand.

Increase Storage

Store all the videos you like with the extra free space included and activate more space at very convenient prices.

Customized Player

Your player will have your company's logo and automatically redirect viewers to your website.


The ME2WebTV is optimized to facilitate the search engines' indexing process, and includes a dynamic sitemap generator.

RSS + Share / Embed / Share videos

Integrated RSS feed generator + Social bookmarking buttons + embed and link codes for every video, so they can be easily included on any third party Website + Share video-link on social networks.

Facebook Comments system integration

Users will be able to write comments about your videos using the Facebook Comments Social Plugin.

Comment Moderation

You will also be able to associate your Facebook user ID or App ID in order to easily moderate the published comments.

Ads and Statistics

Earn some money with your WebTV: Banner inclusion.

Include banners from Google AdSense, AdBrite, OpenX Ad Server or any other Ad systems with one click!; additionally, you can include your own banners with very little technical knowledges.

Statistics: Easily integrate Google Analytics or other statistical tools with your WebTV (without technical knowledges, just copy and paste!).

RSS: Content Syndication

Your WebTV visitor will be able to subscribe to the ME2WebTV's RSS feed in order to get automatic update notifications every time you add new Clips to it.

Android compatible

Any device with Android operating system + Flash player will be able to view video.

HTML5 Video support

Through the HTML5 video extension Me2WebTV is able to playback videos by using a HTML5 video player (H.264) when no Flash plugin is detected. With this feature, iphone users can watch your TV on their web browser (even if they didn't download the mobile application from the appstore). All users with HTML5 mobile phones (Nokias, Windows Mobile phones and more) will also be able to watch your TV channel even if their phones are not supported with a mobile application or if they don't have flash installed on their browsers. The only condition is that the browser has HTML5 + H.264 video support.


With this feature, only allowed websites will be able to host and serve your videos.

Your TV has Your animated logo

This extension allows you to include/overlay your own logo (75x75 pixels) inside the video player of the ME2WebTV. The logo can be a static png image or a series of png images. Transparency will apply as well.

Search and tag cloud functions

Your users will find your content very easy.


Me2WebTV makes it easy for you to give your viewers the highest quality and most engaging video experience possible no matter where they are. Without the cost and complexity of setting up studios or paying for satellite channel.


An end-to-end solution for simplified live video casting and highest quality video playback. Easily build a webTV channel and upload, manage and organize you video library.


Improve your users experience by ensuring the best possible quality across every device and bandwidth connection. Identify your best and most viewed content and discover audience behavior with built-in analytics and reports.

Restricted Channels extension

The Restricted Channels extension allows you to create Channels that will only be accessible with a username and password. It is very useful when, besides public content, you need private content, reserved for selected Users (registered).