ME2TV is the name of our company. We have several products, mainly M2WebTV and M2Mobile. ME2TV offers easy and affordable professional WebTV solution either from a desktop or from mobile. Users will be able to create their own professional TV channels with viewers, followers and full social capabilities.

of course no, you can still have your channel on YouTube or Vimeo. ME2TV is for live broadcasting. You can still upload some of your videos directly to youtube or Vimeo.

Most of our competitors offer hosted service with limitation on number of users. We provide the solution to you to be hosted on your servers. WE can also provide you with hosting if you need.

Our solution is also fully branded to you and your channel. We keep updating our solutions with new features and plugins and those come free to you.

ME2TV creates a WebTV for you. Essentiallly what we do is that we capture a stream from your camera (on your laptop, mobile or from a professional high resolution camera), rencode it to different sizes and broadcast it live online. Anyway visiting your website will be able to see the video being streamed. We also provide native mobile applications for audience to watch your online TV channel.

You can even invite guests from their computers or mobile and talk to them live on the show while audience are watching.

You need to contact us and describe to us exactly what features you want to have in order to give you a quote.

We offer you the ability to put videos into categories and add tags to each video. Categories and tagging will make it easy for audience to browse the site and discover related videos.

Yes. The newly created website will have different sections upon your requests. Those sections can either have articles or categorized videos (shows, news snippets. . etc).

Audience can watch the show online, comment on the live stream or comment on any of the shows. Commenting can happen through social plugin from Facebook and/or we can install our own discussion module.

Audience can also subscribe to an RSS feed from the channel or for any category that you define.

Immediately. The setup process is very easy and simple. You might need to install a software on your computer and within 10 minutes you will be ready and on the air.

Very Easy. Our comment module support moderation. If you are using facebook plugin then you can attach your facebook ID to the social module to allow for moderation.

Our solution comes with a dashboard to allow you to control programs, broadcasting times, RSS feeds, define categories and add news. The dashboard also allow you to create accounts for other people and assign them different roles (moderator, reporter, editor. . .etc).